Pre Workout And Fat Burner Stim Stack

Pre Workout And Fat Burner Stim Stack

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This is the perfect combination for the busy individual, who may need extra energy and focus for lifting.

These products are not to be used at the same time! 

BLACK ANT EXTREME PUMP PRE-WORKOUT represents a scientific breakthrough for supporting Nitric Oxide (NO) production during training. Nitric oxide is a chemical found in the body that causes increased blood flow to muscle tissue, delivering the vital nutrients you need and enhancing physical capabilities.

This zingy, fruit flavoured drink blend is designed to maximise your workouts, increase pump and enable greater muscular development.

The key inclusions; Citrulline malate and Alpha-keto Glutarate assist in the production of Nitric Oxide to ensure a more efficient and sustained workout. This expertly formulated blend also includes a powerful Amino Acid Matrix as well as Taurine and Caffeine for enhanced mental focus.

Combined with a sensible diet and regular exercise Extreme Lean delivers outstanding results!